Thursday, 18 July 2013

Top 3 topics that we have chosen

Topic 1: The MacBook
We constantly use our MacBooks to source for information, class activities (Toondo, Numbers etc) and learning, thus giving our MacBooks the name; Learning Device. When using the Macbook, we use many external applications like Sketch-Up for ADMT, Grapher for Mathematics and so on. These help us study as for Mathematics, we get to visualise the graph and get familiarised with the x and y axis.

It may not seem like a lot but it creates a great impact on our learning. It gives us a better understanding of the topic as well.
Essential questions:
1) How can we stop the disadvantages of using MacBooks among students?
2) How can we stop getting distracted by our MacBooks and the Internet?
3) What can we do to control ourselves from going into inappropriate sites? (Facebook etc)
4) How can we use the Macbook to our advantage? (Toondo, grapher etc)

Topic 2: Co-cirricular activities (CCAs)
There are many co-cirricular activities in SST and some of them include, Media Club, Robotics, Show Choir and Fencing. As you all know, CCAs help us relax and at the same time find ourselves another hobby. CCAs are important as they play a part in the GCE O-level examinations. CCAs can strengthen relationships as we can express ourselves without much pressure.

Essential questions:
1) In what way might we give our undivided attention towards our CCAs and not neglect them?
2) In what way might we balance our CCAs and studies and at the same time, have fun?
3) How do we make sure that you get to learn more of your activity in your CCA so that you can also apply it to the future?

Topic 3: Academics
Some subjects in SST may be in other schools as well but SST has special subjects. Some of these subjects include Innovation and Entrepreneurship and ADMT (Art, Design, Media and Technology). These subjects are very unique as we not only get to study them, we get to learn about life. These aspects taught can be used in our daily lives. ADMT is art and design combined together. We use Google Sketch-up, Sketch-Book Express and GIMP in the process. It makes us stand out and be different from the rest. The applied subjects available are Media Studies, Biotechnology, Design Studies and Fundamentals of Electronics. These subjects have its own pros and cons but they are all unique in one way or another.

Essential questions:
1) How might we work together as a team to produce a great project, and at the same time strengthen our relationships?
2) How might we, individually, work hard so as to strengthen our knowledge and then score good grades?
3) How can we utilise the work taught in the subjects and apply it to our everyday lives?
4) What can we do to achieve better results?
5) Is it all about studying and memorising? Is there something else that will aid us?

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