4. Conclusion

  In the School of Science and Technology, Singapore, every students will have a Macbook (Learning device). The addiction of social media will thus be on the rise. Most students will not be able to control themselves and their studies will drop drastically. According to the survey results, most people utilise Facebook. In Facebook, students will be exposed to a wide variety of games, they can post things online, get in touch with their friends and just have fun! Most of them spend 3 hours to 4 hours online. 

  The time spent can be used for other purposes, such as studying etc. Based on the findings, about 3-quarter of the people would prefer social media over studying as they find it boring and stressful. Social media is their way to destress, to get away from their troubles. Some of them have their studies affected and cannot control their addiction. They may try to get away from it but will eventually go back to it in the end due to the temptation of it and not having the perseverance and will power to do it. Other than the main social media; Facebook and the other social medias set up by the school, students are also growing an interest to Twitter and Whatsapp. Twitter is an application where students can post statuses, follow others (also known as to look at their tweets on newsfeed), private message and post pictures too! This will not only take up their study time, but it also shows the world their life outside. People can stalk them and they might end up getting taken advantaged of etc. This will thus cause them emotional trauma and they will not be able to focus and score in their examinations. 
  Another rising social media would be Whatsapp, students will be able to chat with each other. This may seem harmless but it may pose a threat to their studies. The students may get hooked up onto it and neglect their studies. They often put social media as their first priority and leaves homework and projects alone. 

  Most of them say that they rather use social media than study, I do not blame them, sometimes you just feel like you made a big mistake after a test and just want to de-stress. Most of them say that social media does not affect their studies. There is a possibility that they are in denial or maybe it is that they have good time management. Also a lot of them use the social media; Facebook, probably because their friends also use it. 

  They also use Facebook to pass time when they are bored or to ask for help in homework. I think it is because their parents are usually not home so they cannot ask them. People say that they could quit social media if they wanted to, that means that they believe that they are not addicted but they just may get hooked on to it subconsciously. Most of them say that they spend 0-4 hours using Facebook and that might be quite a bit as you only spend 16 hours awake at maximum. A lot of them say that there would be be a lot of negative effects if social media did not exist, so it is stated clearly that they are very dependent on social media. 

   Thus, they have an even higher chance for them to go to social media sites more frequently. So, they do not get good grades due to the fact that they are already addicted to social media. According to the results, we can tell that Facebook is the SNS that most students use. I can agree that Facebook is a site where you can play games, interact with friends and share about their experiences. 
  The results have shown that most students prefer social media to studying, which is not surprising, as social media is more fun than studying, which most students claim as boring. The students like to de-stress themselves by going on to social media as too much studying may cause them to be stressed. Most of them also say that social media does not affect their studies. Maybe some students have good time management,

  Many of the students are very dependent on social media, as a lot of them have negative reactions if social media did not exist. Most students say that they do their homework before they go on to social media. Some even say that they will go on to social media - and even watching Anime first - before even doing their homework! 

 We will try to solve this so that they might get better results and finally control their addiction! If their addiction goes out of hand, it will be chaotic as it may change your future. (O-levels, examinations). Students should care, know about the importance of education and strive towards it. 

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