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Hey there!
  We are Group A. Today, we will be introducing ourselves. Firstly, the topic we have chosen to do is the study of how to reduce the negative impacts on SST students. 

1) Johanna Lim Ziyun, Project Manager
2) Chong Yong Liang, Multi-media Manager
3) Kok Li Ying, Research Specialist 
4) Ng Wei Jie, Communications Manager

Front row: Kok Li Ying (Research Specialist), Johanna Lim Ziyun (Project Manager)
Back row: Ng Wei Jie (Communications Manager), Chong Yong Liang (Multi-media Manager)

More about ourselves

Johanna Lim Ziyun (Project Manager)

Hey! I am Johanna Lim Ziyun, most people just call me 'Jo' for short. Anyway, I like pie (all three kinds of it although one is spelt as pi). It just seems nice. I am also a transformers fan, especially the decepticons and I also like Pokemon a lot, since I was young. I sort of grew up with it, I have the plush toys, Pokemon houses, cards, cracks, figurines, aeroplanes and even the 'vending machines'! Other than that, I aspire to be a lawyer or a politician as they both do exciting things and fight for justice. I have also been to the United States of America and have gotten many heartfelt memories from there. They have made me want to achieve more to life, to be the very best, like no one ever was. (especially good results)

Chong Yong Liang (Multi-media Manager)

I am Chong Yong Liang. I am usually not this formal, and often say "yo" instead of hi and I really think Johanna is too formal. Anyway you can see me holding my nerf elite sniper and I usually play this with my brother to destress, my mother says it is too violent but I think it is better than playing digital games. I like games that make you consider tactics and that you cannot win with just brute force.
Also, I hate carrying around dead weight, basically doing a project while someone slacks.

Kok Li Ying (Research Specialist)

(I'm on the right^^)

Hi there! I am Kok Li Ying. I'm a 100% K-pop fan, and loves to watch Running Man, a Korean variety show. I love music, as it makes me feel relaxed. I have a love for fried chicken and chocolate too, but even though I love to eat, I will forever stay as skinny as how I am now. When I grow up, I want to be a singer (quite impossible) or a teacher. I may also consider being a policewoman or any IT . But then, I'm not really into planning my future now. My hobbies are singing, listening to music, reading and of course watching shows. I will always do my best to achieve my goals - especially to get good results. 

Ng Wei Jie (Communications Manager)

I am Ng Wei Jie. Same as Li Ying, I love Running Man as well, but she'll flame me soon if she sees this. Usually, I don't really care about my personality, but to me, asking myself, I find that I don't really care for anything, unless there is a need, or unless it affects me. I really just don't like how people say that vegetables are not nice, but to me, I'll eat anything as long as they don't kill/poison me. And yes, I like π (3.14159265359), pie, and i (iodine). What's more, I find art irritating (Sorry Ms Seah)
as it is just a way to release stress, and it has nothing to do with my dream job of being a haematologist.

Pictures of us working:
Surveys , surveys  and more surveys
Working in darkness 

Johanna still wants to be first
Editing the IRS blog. 
Casual Discussion (not being scolded or anything)

3-quarter complete group photograph (completed
one is in the first part of this tab)


Everybody caught working so happily!

Mindmaps, brainstorming the topic that we are going to do:

This mindmap is done by Johanna Lim Ziyun, Project Manager

This mindmap was created by Chong Yong Liang , Multi-media Manager

This mindmap was created by Kok LI Ying , Research Specialist.

The mind map below is done by Ng Wei Jie, Communications Manager
Special Thanks to:

Why did we choose the topic of "A study of how to reduce the negative impacts on SST students made by social media"?

Kok Li Ying:
We chose this topic as we think that SST students are hooked onto social media and that many people get bad grades due to the fact that they are always using social media and not revising. So, we want to stop all these from happening. 

Chong Yong Liang:
Actually I was forced to do the project as my original idea was shut down by Johanna because she did not like my idea but she persuaded me that it was a good idea and I thought perhaps she was right and that I could learn why people use Facebook in the first place anyway and that it could be an 'interesting' project to start on. 

Johanna Lim Ziyun:
We chose this topic since SST students use MacBooks to learn. As they use MacBooks, they usually use social media as a result. Other than that, they use it to learn and social media may be a major disruption for them. We want them to strive harder and get better results. Other than that, most of us know that social media is on the rise. More and more teenagers have started up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, they are online almost every day and that might affect their studies. We chose this topic so as to solve this problem from occurring, if they get addicted, the consequences will be dire as not only their results will drop but they will also make their parents worry about them. 

Ng Wei Jie:

Actually, I was wondering why people say that they don't have time to study for their exams/tests, and yet, they spend most of their time on social media, so I was wondering if they were lying, so I thought about this and told Johanna about this, but in a secretive manner to do this, and when we got the results, we actually found that there is a close, but thin line in between them, meaning that they spend too much time on social media, so they don't have too much time on their studies. We have given some ideas of our owns, in hopes that it can help prevent this unfortunate event from happening to someone we know.

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