5. Recommendations

Idea 1:

From what we have collated,

We need to block Facebook during class and supplementary times, or else the addicted students might go online during lessons, this will thus affect their grades.

We have devised a system, that can be activated during class times shown below.

The system will work if the button below the wifi sign is pushed in, and each time, the server included in its blacklist will be suppressed, and the websites will not be able to be used during class.

Our idea is will be implemented in all classrooms.

Idea 2:
Conduct research on the results of people who use social media and those who do not and after that give teenagers advice on what to do from there. The students may be given freedom but we need to restrict them, but we will have a little twist. When you are restrained for a long time but when it is taken away, you still only use that restrained item for the same time. We could set the parental control for like 6 months or so and then take it off and see the results.

Idea 3:
Devise a system that allows teachers to check how long students spend on social media and if their results are good (A2 and above), the teachers will not do much about it but if their results are poor then the teachers will be able to disable their social media. Until the teachers see that they have improved in their examinations and homework, they will have a mini test scheduled and if they score well, they will be granted permission to use social media again.

Idea 4:
Invent a system in which will be connected to their computers and mobile phones. The person will only be allowed to use social media (various types) for only 1 hour daily. They will then be suspended from using it. If they try to log in again for another 2 more times, their whole screen will go blank and their computer/phone will shut down automatically. This is to control their obsession of using social media. Other than that, when you are constrained for a long time, it will be a habit and you will get used to not using social media so frequently. Thus, the solution might look temporary but it will help in the long-term process.

Idea 5:
Block the websites so that the students from using them. Set a time-limit (for example, the period during recess, 1 hour after school, and 15-30 minutes before the morning assembly) for the students so that they still get a chance to use a bit of social media in school. This will apply to any devices that has access to internet like computers, smartphones and tablets like the iPad. Once the time limit is up, the websites cannot be accessed anymore. This solution prevents the students from using social media in class and after school for some time so that they can revise for their examinations.

Idea 6:
Conduct talks and put up posters so that the people would be able to know the importance of it and they would be able to know the consequences of it. Once they understand the whole predicament they have landed themselves in, they would be able to get out of it. Other than that, we would also have rehabilitation treatment to people who will not be able to turn over a new leaf. They would then be able to overcome their constant addiction and would score better in their examinations.

Idea 7:
The teachers will find out the students who frequently use social media, and set parental controls for them. The teachers (and parents) can have full access to the amount of time used on any social media platform. If the teachers and parents detect that the student has been on social media for a long period of time, it will be disabled until the next 2-3 days.

Idea 8:
We can block Facebook or any other social media when they are in school. When they are out of school, they will only be allowed to use it for 1 hour on their personal wifi. (on phone or computer). If they still insist and continue on using the particular social media, their wifi will not longer be detected (only for them) and the wifi would only resume if they go to educational sites (Edmodo, for ADMT etc).

Idea 9:

As you can see, these are some of the processes of signing in for the various social networks. It is so simple and it only takes one about one minute or so to type in their email address and password. The idea that we have chosen is that, when they want to sign in, they have to answer a series of Mathematics and Science questions before they will be able to enter. There will be 5 MCQ questions and 5 Open-ended questions for each subject. They have to score that least 8 out of 10 questions before being able to enter their desired social media. 

If they are able to reach the above requirements, they will be granted one hour of social media. After that one hour is up, the website will be suspended for the day. If they fail the above requirements, they will not be granted to use their desired social media. There will only be one attempt each day, per person. 

Idea 10:
We can implement another idea, the usage of USB that controls the sites students can access. Since we can still go on Facebook, we can have the teachers bring cards to their class, and if for any reason they need to access social media, the teacher can pass the USB to the student. The USB can only be used for 5 minutes before it expires and the teacher needs to renew it for another student to surf the social media in school. It should also be available in the ICT Helpdesk, and if the student want/needs it, they will have to fill out an online form, and if the student has borrowed 5 within a month, they will not be allowed to borrow it anymore unless a valid reason is given. (such as school work is on Facebook, etc.)

Idea 11:
The school might have a quiz on all the topics learnt from the start of the year, in the morning when we are having assembly, and ask us to finish it. Out of 100 marks, if they get 50-60 marks, they get 15 minutes of social media for one week, and if they get 61 to 69 marks, they get 17 minutes for one week. The best timing will be for 100 marks, which will grant them 25 minutes of social media for 8 days. The other good thing about this is that we can revise our work from the start of the year, and SST will have more passes and 'A's in the future. 

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