3. Results

Responses from the survey 

Graphs to illustrate what we have categorised 

1) Do you prefer studying or going on to social media?
From this pie chart, 3/4 of the students prefer going on to social media than studying. This shows that people do not like to study for various reasons (eg. studying is boring, etc.).

2) Does social media affect your studies? 
From what is shown, it is true that most students use the social media and do not get affected, but there are also people who get influenced by social media, most likely they use them for too long, and they miss out times where they can revise their work, but in fact, there is no need for a strict rule as most of them are not affected by social media.
3) Which social media do you use the most?

You can see that people frequently use Facebook and perhaps because their friends use it thus, they are influenced to use it as it may be the most effective way to contact all their friends in one go. If all social media are of equal standards, the popular will remain popular and continue to grow and the not popular ones might not have such good luck.

4) Why do you use social media?

The main reason people give to use social media is to chat, pass time or to ask help for homework. The other seasons are playing games or for their own entertainment (watching Youtube videos etc). Others include relieving stress, influence from their peers to join and to gain more general knowledge. 

5) Do you think it is possible for people who are addicted to social media to quit?

Most people say that the people addicted to social media can quit if they wanted to. I beg to differ, in one of the surveys, one of the students wrote that 'It takes will and determination to overcome it but I think I will not succeed." This shows that the person has already given up on his chances of quitting social media. Using social media is not bad, it is just that excessive use of it is just no good. It does harm to others like getting bad grades etc.

6) What types of social media do you use?
As you know, there are many kinds of social media in this world. From this graph, we can tell that most people use Facebook and the trend of using Edmodo and Blogger are on the rise. Other than that, we only surveyed 20 Secondary 1 students and this is the result. This shows that one person uses more than 3 types of social media (actively). We can conclude that they are also spending a lot of time on it and the time spent could be spent on studying instead.
7) In your everyday life, how many hours do you spend on social media?
Most people usually spend between 0-4 hours using social media. That might be short or long time because they could be studying or playing for the remaining time. For example, one person could only study for 1 hour, spend 4 hours on twitter and 3 hours playing games. The time spent could be on studying as it would improve the person's grades.

8) Please elaborate on your answer. (Do you prefer social media or studying?)
Most people prefer social media to studying. Out of the 20 people we have surveyed, only 2 of them preferred studying! The reasons people do not like studying is that they find it boring and a waste of time. Others find social media enjoyable, a past-time, an activity to do without using your brain cells, fun and relaxing and last of all, you will be able to chat with your friends. 
These advantages can do the society good but too much of it will harm them, causing their future to be crushed. They will not do well in their examinations, their confidence and self-esteem will be lowered, thus, they are not able to return to their old selves. 

9) Why do you think they will be able/not able to stop their addiction?
Most of them say they can restrict themselves to social media. This clearly shows that they are either 
addicted and do not know it yet or maybe they really can control themselves though I seriously
do not think that they can really control themselves just like in many normal situations. Perhaps 
we could put them to a test and see how it turns out and maybe they could really restrict themselves from using social media by themselves.

10) How do you think we can prevent students from using too much social media?
Most of the students say that to prevent us from using social media too often,  we should set parental controls or other methods of restrain, do you know what this means? SST students need something to  in order to control themselves. However, some of them say they have the discipline to control themselves and these people are most likely the students who have better grades than the others.

11) What woud be your reaction if social media did not exist?
From this bar graph, we can infer that many students cannot survive without social media as most of them would feel disorientated and confused. They treat social media like their 'second' life. Without it, some of them would break out in hysterics. Without it, they will be inefficient and would not know what to do. They would also find doing homework more difficult as they do not have peers to help with the question. If social media did not exist, more people would find life boring as they would not have much of a social life.          

12) What are your priorities?
From this pie chart, we can infer that most students that we surveyed have homework as their 1st priority, then projects and finally social media. This means that students do their work they have to do first before they start to go on to social media. For those who do not have homework as first priority, we should give them some controls so that they can complete all of their homework before they go on to social media.

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